I signed up for my first session of CPBC in February 2009, thinking I would do just one session. On the first day when Shannon said we’d start by running a lap I was sure I’d die. Yet, as those first weeks passed I realized I was able to do more and more and soemthing in me clicked. I figured I’d try another session, then another and another; every session was a new challenge. All the while I was noticing subtle little differences here and there. A new dress size here and a compliment there continued to propel me to finish off the year. I decided to continue my three times a week in 2010 as well. Recently, I had the opportunity to review some pictures from before I started CPBC and more current pcitures and was actually so surprised to see the results as clearly as I did. CPBC really does work if you do your part and let it work. It’s truly addicting to look and feel so much better session after session. I heart CPBC and Shannon!

Gretchen in AZ!

Like many women, I have struggled with my weight for years and years. I went through some rough emotional times in my life and found that what I enjoyed the most was FOOD! Though I started my weight loss journey prior to joining Code Pink Pink Boot Camp, I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I began taking classes in February of 2009 and have lost nearly 45 pounds, 20 total inches and about 15% Body Fat. I have made some lasting relationships and found the motivation I need to get up and get myself moving every morning. Health isn’t just about the way you look, it’s about the way you FEEL and Code Pink Boot Camp has made me feel FANTASTIC! Thank You!

Michelle Bode
RSM 9:00am

I have not completely gotten over the shock of losing 5+ inches in my first 4 weeks at CPBC! I started Code Pink Boot Camp last September (2009) and have been going every morning at 6:00 am in Laguna Beach for every boot camp since. Christian Cianfrani is an expert at designing creative workouts and interspersing interval cardio training with strength and core exercises. Everyday is something different with purpose. I would tell any new Code Pink Boot Camper that if you want to join, go to Laguna Beach in the morning, and be prepared to spend more money later when you have to buy new clothes. I started at size 8 and now I am a size 4 and shrinking! I am definitely stronger and have a more toned body. I also am losing weight with a new awareness in cautious and purposeful eating habits. Do something good for yourself and start the New Year off right with boot camp exercise!

Linda Bolland (boot camp lifer!)

“Since beginning camp I have lost 15 pounds and can wear clothes that I haven’t worn in at least 2 years. I look better and feel better than I have in a very long time. I was to the point where I was clinically obese and was falling asleep in class because I didn’t have any energy. I was eating out at least 3 times a week and eating like crap. I didn’t value my body and I had lost myself to food and laziness. I have found a new person inside me and I am more positive, more energetic, more fun to be around, and more successful than I thought I could be at this point. I am able to look in the mirror without crying. That has been huge. I realize I don’t have to resign myself to being overweight and never exercising. This is a NEW me I have found, I’m not one of those people who gained weight but looked great at one point. I have always struggled and always been very self conscious about it. I am getting comments from people I hardly talk to, classmates and people at work who I didn’t think would notice and telling me how great I look. This has been such a rewarding experience and I just wanted you to know the good you are doing.”

A.J. – San Clemente, CA

On my birthday my mother gave me a session for Code Pink Boot Camp. Little did I know what a HUGE impact it would make! As of now I’ve done 2 complete sessions and I have lost over 16lbs and 12% bodyfat. Not only do you get incredible results but you also get to spend an hour with a bunch of amazing women. Being with the group I am in, and coming to class to see everyone is my main motivation to come to class! It’s just not as fun to go to the gym. All in all, code pink boot camp is fun and exciting; you will learn things that can completely change your life. I will be a lifer to Code Pink Boot Camp! Thank You Christina!!

- Cassie Cuevas

“When my friend approached me about Code Pink Boot Camp I got really excited. . . until she told me it was at 5:30 am! But, I sucked it up and dragged myself out of bed only to find that it wasn’t so bad. . . in fact, it was awesome. Teri is amazing, not like the drill sergeant I was expecting at all. She actually cares about each individual and helping them meet their goals. She was always willing to answer questions about diet and nutrition and make individualized suggestions. I was very fortunate that with Teri’s help and a strict low calorie diet (no sugar, no alcohol, no starch), I saw unbelievable results. In four weeks I lost 5% body fat and 20 inches. I was full of energy and definitely feeling stronger and healthier. When the four weeks were over, I missed boot camp so much that I did the unthinkable. . . that’s right, I signed up again!”

It’s not quite true that if you show up for Code Pink Boot Camp 5 days a week with Shannon Gartin and follow the diet recommended by Teri, you can lose two pant sizes. The truth is that you can lose three pant sizes! When I started Code Pink Boot Camp in January, I wore a size 10 pant. I’ve now completed two four-week boot camps and have signed up for a third. I went shopping this last weekend and had to buy size 4 pants because even though I had recently purchased some size 6 pants, they are too big. Just to be fair, CPBC may need to issue a warning to new participants that says, “Caution! Participation in Code Pink Boot Camp may require you to replace your entire wardrobe with smaller sizes.”

I trained with a personal trainer for two years and was frustrated at never achieving my fitness or weight goals. I’m no longer frustrated. I’m a very happy camper! I owe that to Shannon Gartin, who makes working out fun every day, and also to the very sensible and healthy eating plan that CPBC advocates. I learned a great deal at the nutritional seminar and having a day-by-day eating plan for a month made it easy to plan ahead and be prepared to make the right choices. I’m always amazed at the innovative ways Shannon finds for us to exercise that incorporates cardio, weights, stretching and Pilates. It’s never boring to go to CPBC and I look forward to going every day (even though I have to get up at 4:45 a.m.), because I’m finally achieving my fitness and weight goals. My only regret is that I didn’t find Code Pink Boot Camp sooner. Thanks for having such a wonderful program for women!

Monica Rushton
Phoenix, AZ

I am still in shock over my mile time this morning. I just can’t believe it!
AGAIN….. thank you, thank you, thank you! I know all this would not be possible without you! I never really thought about the CodePink modo “Accomplish what you thought was impossible” until this morning. I truly believed that a 7 minute mile was impossible for me but as you know I DID it!!!!! What an awesome feeling. Thanks Again.

Fullerton, CA

I just want to thank you for the amazing experience I have had with Teri in Scottsdale.I have learned so much, challenged myself and met a great group of ladies that I will treasure forever. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to train and see immediate results for the past 4 weeks I have been visiting in AZ. I truly wish I could find someone like Teri to continue these amazing results for me in Florida. I wish you all were able to open up a Code Pink Boot Camp there in Destin on the beach… it sure would be more humid than Scottsdale right now…! Again, THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU! I had such a blast with Teri and the rest of the Monsoon Posse out there.
Have a great rest of your summer,

- Jenn Hayden

Hi Christina,
I just wanted to say that this is my first Code Pink Boot Camp and it has been an awesome experience. I’ve actually done other bootcamps around the Scottsdale area but have never felt so motivated or inspired by the group of girls and the instructor. The routine would be the same every day and so by the end, I found myself bored and just stopped going. I have to tell you though – Terri is great and so I’d like to continue on.


- Jesisca Ramsden

My friends would always try to get me to go to the gym but my answer would always be “no thanks.” I hated everything about it and thought it was a waste of my time. Then a friend told me about an outdoor boot camp so I decided to try it. WOW! I love everything about Code Pink! It’s challenging but yet do-able. Everyday is something different so I don’t get tired of the same routine. And best of all we do weights and cardio so it becomes an all around workout. My stomach and thighs have visibly shrunk. My butt is much firmer. . . no more jiggles. Even my arms look better in tank tops.

After being a heavy smoker for ten years. . . I decided to really challenge myself and quit. With the help of Christina’s boot camp motivating me, and now one month smoke free, I have lost 7 pounds and feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING!

Thank you so much Christina!

- Sanaz Ikani

This morning at boot camp, Martha & myself were the ONLY “old timers” to show up for the run… I told Matt at the begining I was trying to get around the track 2.5 times as last time I did 2 times around running without stopping… he said you can do 3, try for 3… well… I made it around 4 times, the whole mile without walking!!! I did it in just over 12 minutes… this was huge for me and I was in tears… when I started in february I could only run 1/2 of one lap of the track!… Matt gave me a big hug and I am feeling great… I used the breathing technique that your EZ8 runner gave me the day we did the hike so I would not be out of breath… I want to say thanks to you, and to Matt because if he had not challenged me today, I am not sure I would have thought I could do it… BUT I DID!!!

- Kathryn (RSM)

I tried every diet that exists from “Weight Watchers” to “Nutrisystem”… sure, I lost weight-but gained back more because I couldn’t stick to it. CODE PINK BOOT CAMP is a way of life – and a good healthy one at that! They work with you at your pace…not at theirs. During the workouts, they cater to you to make sure you don’t “go overboard” at the beginning so you hurt too much to continue the week. They also compliment when they see that you are really trying … and who doesn’t like a compliment once in a while?? The only way I would run was if a dog were chasing me, now I am able to run a mile without stopping. I lost 12 Lbs and 6 Inches in a month. I am more excited to start my 2nd session that I was to begin this program. Getting up 5 days a week at 5:00 am has never felt better. I want to offer my sincere gratitude to Christina Lucy…and my trainer- Gabby Eborall… girls, I couldn’t have done it without you.

- Kim Dyer,
San Clemente; 33

The first two days have been intense and exactly what I was hoping for. I have worked with a couple of really good trainers and based on two days, I would count Christian among them.

- Tikie
Laguna Beach

Dear Christina…
Thanks for your words of encouragement and for your BOOTCAMPS! My friends and I just completed our 2nd Boot Camp at the Woodbury-Irvine location….we were in the fearless group who met at 9:00AM with our glorious leader……”Sergeant” Negah.We loved Miss Negah and want to tell you how wonderful she was for all of us. She kept us working out even when we didn’t want to….she supported us and encouraged us to do our personal best….and managed to maintain her enthusiasm from start to finish. Negah is a true inspiration to us and she makes us want to try harder!Thank you for having such a valuable trainer on your staff!

- Diana, Jodi and Marusha

I just want to share with you how wonderful my boot camp experience has been. I attend the 5:30am session with Stacey in Irvine, and I have to admit I NEVER thought I would be able to get up and work out that early. My first time was in November (right after thanksgiving) and I was so nervous, but Stacey made me feel comfortable and let me go at my own pace while still motivating me to push myself. This is my second session and I can already feel my energy and endurance at a higher level. I am going to continue with boot camp and recommend it to others. It is such a wonderful experience. Thank you Code Pink!!!

- Kelly Fairbanks

Hi Christina,
I attend the Laguna Beach boot camp @ 9:00 a.m.. I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the first week and compliment you on your staff. Everyone I have interacted with has been very responsive, professional and friendly. The communication has been fantastic – emails and phone calls have been returned promptly and all questions answered. I’ve met Holly Novek, Jem Welsh (great seminar) and of course, Christian. I love receiving email updates on diet, recipes, reaching goals, etc.

When I first found out we were getting a young guy from the military Ipictured a humorless drill sergeant barking orders at us and runningus ragged. Happily, this could not have been further from the truth. Although our group has been working hard, we are also having fun. Christian has been a wonderful motivator with his relaxed personalityand great sense of humor. Instead of a sense of competition, he hasbeen able to foster a sense of team work with all of us cheering eachother on. He seems to be genuinely interested in helping each of usachieve our goals and provide tips on how to improve or overcome ourown personal obstacles. It was also very nice to receive a welcomingphone call from him on Sunday night prior to the first day of class. What a nice personal touch! I wish I met more young people who wereas kind, polite and humble as Christian. He’s an impressive personwith a great, positive attitude.

- Margo Smith

Thanks so much for the Nutrition Hand-Out. It gives me a visual aid to go with the lecture from Jem. I have lost 13 pounds since October with a total goal of 20 more by July (I’ll be turning 50!). I am feeling fabulous and just want to look the same way I feel!! I appreciate Danielle working with my special needs (plantar fasciitis) and look forward to continuing with her.


- Julie McDorman
MWF Mission Viejo Boot Camper!!

Just a little feedback from tonight’s Nutrition Seminar. I have attended two previous Code Pink boot camps, but did not take the time to attend the Nutrition Seminars. I am so glad I made the time tonight.Wow!! Jem was terrific! A walking nutrition encyclopedia! He was very easy to listen to, had a great sense of humor, didn’t talk down to us, and answered questions as we went-yet stayed on task. It was a lot of information to take in so now I’m motivated to do more research on my own.I will definitely talk this up at tomorrow’s Boot Camp! EVERYONE should attend!!!

Thanks again,

- Julie McDorman
Mission Viejo MWF 9 a.m. class

Hi Christina,
Gabby did it again! She encouraged and motivated me to be able to push myself to a goal. At the beginning of camp she records how many FULL sit-ups we can do and our feet cannot come off of the ground. I did ZERO the first time, but today I did 34. I still can’t believe it. Since I have been working out with Gabby I have been able to run a mile without stopping in good time and do 34 FULL sit-ups. I had to brag about her again to you, I don’t know what I would do without her.

Thank you,

- Kim Dyer

This Camp Has Exceeded my Expectations! I didn’t really know what to expect. I Googled boot camps after my hair dresser was talking about hers and happened to choose Code Pink because of the location and evening hours. I knew nothing about it other than what was on the web page and was more than pleased. It’s been one of the best decisions I made and I look forward to each camp.

Hi Cindi…
I just cannot get enough… I am going to sign up for the rest of the year with you! Thank you so much for keeping each and every session filled with variety and fun. I look forward to each morning at your camp. I never thought working out could be this much fun. Can’t wait to spend the rest of the year in your class! Thank you for everything!

My best,


Code pink has really motivated me to get back on track with my workout regimen, (I attend 5 days a week). I love coming every morning (Even though getting out of bed is TOUGH), and completing my workout for the day. It’s really motivated me to look at becoming a personal trainer and helping other women achieve their personal fitness goals. I like it much better than a trainer at the gym- I feel like the environment is fun, laid back, but also challenging. I love working out with other woman. There is a gal who is older (maybe 60-65 years old) in our class, and she has done Code Pink since January, and she totally kicked our BUTTS in plank during our testing day!! We were totally inspired! Using only 5 lb weights, I’ve seen improvements in my strength. The workouts are never dull and there is always something new. The only way I can think that I would stop attending the program is due to financial reasons, but as long as I can afford it, I will continue. Thank you.

Anshula K. Glembo

I have been attending your camp for 3 weeks now, and I love it! I have worked out for about 30 years. I have been to every gym, trainers, marathons you name it. Code Pink is so much fun; I can’t wait to get up in the morning to go. I have been attending 3 days a week and I am hoping that I can go 5 days next time. I have told all my friends about it and I have even blogged about it on my website.
I want to thank you for thinking this through and making it so enjoyable. I am hooked!
By the way Danielle is awesome!!!!