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To provide a Boot Camp program where getting and STAYING IN-SHAPE is fun! To offer an effective and enjoyable fitness program unlike anything before that will create exuberant, healthy, and confident women by maximizing a unique boot camp exercise program geared toward each individual. Our focus is to help women target their specific needs and accomplish what they thought was impossible. Through Code Pink Boot Camp we can help women create a balanced lifestyle that will contribute to her long-term physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth regardless of what stage she is in, all along boosting her self-confidence.

Code Pink Women’s Fitness Boot Camp began in January of 2008 in Orange County, California when founder, Christina Lucy understood and met a need in her community. She found fitness programs being offered were too generic, chaotic, ill- focused and often unsafe. Christina Lucy took her twenty-plus years experience as a group fitness trainer to work and began Code Pink Women’s Fitness Boot Camp. Code Pink Fitness Boot Camp is a safe program that is truly fun and shows measurable results.

  • Christina Lucy
  • Christina Lucy
  • Christina Lucy

A PERSONAL NOTE FROM FOUNDER, CHRISTINA LUCY: “There is something very special about what we offer. First of all, God is our CEO, and I do my very best to follow His direction. Safety is our number one priority. Our second is designing an effective training program that is fun for everyone! Creating an environment that is fun and safe where women can socialize and yet be serious enough to put in an hours worth of creative, fun exercise to achieve their goals is important to me!

I wasn’t blessed with those awesome genes to where I can eat anything and get away with it. I simply look at a cookie and I gain a pound! I have to be very careful. I, first hand, understand the challenges many other women feel. I am very blessed to have Code Pink Boot Camp as an outlet for me and a resource for others. Any woman, and at any age or fitness level will achieve great results, feel challenged yet comfortable, rewarded and empowered in our camp.

That is where our motto came from: ‘Achieve what you thought was Impossible!’ I love that! Sure, it is great and somewhat expected to achieve what you set as a goal to achieve, but, let me ask, what about achieving what you really thought was IMPOSSIBLE??? We do that. I know it because I have been told, MANY times! I am simply amazed and so very grateful to God for this opportunity. I get to help someone achieve what they thought was impossible, every day! I have stories and stories, and honestly…that is what keeps me going!

This is the most safe, well-planned, fun, variety-filled fitness exercise program for women ever! I welcome and congratulate you for doing something amazing for yourself!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and investigate Code Women’s Fitness Pink Boot Camp. We look forward to helping YOU Achieve What You Thought Was Impossible! I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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